Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Combat report Scenario 1

Shas'O faststrike has been in combat last evening following reports of an Orca shoot down which was carrying his Ethereal mentor Faststrike immediately launched a punitive raid against Imperial Guard units involved in the shootdown.

A Recon drone supporting the raid was also shot down and only fragmentary data was retrieved but it is believed Shas'O Faststrike his bodyguards and a Hammerhead are missing in action, an ejection was detected from Faststrikes Suit and Pathfinder units are scouring the area. Only 2 drone images where recovered from the wrecked drone, the first shows Faststrike on the right of the image and the Hammerhead engaging with its railgun, the second shows a burning Guard Chimera and Faststrike and his team engaged in a heavy firefight.

Meanwhile Tau reinforcements continue to land on Charybdis and combat operations continue.

For the Greater Good.....

Imperial Account of the same action here...corbaniaprime.blogspot.co.uk