Friday, 5 April 2013

Tau Army Building Blog

This is a new blog from an old gamer and blogger. I am a long time Tau and then Tau Empire player, I love the models and the fluff.

The purpose of the blog is threefold....

1) As an online HQ for my new Tau army for 40K, the Cadre of Commander Faststrike of the T'Lcroth L'gan Enclave where my tabletop alter ego Shas'O Faststrike will write in character after action reports.

2) To share my modelling techniques hints and pics of my developing Tau Army and to link to good Tau Empire blogs already on the net.

3) To record the ongoing progress of a new narrative campaign myself and Colonel Corbane are planning and hopefully to publish scenario and campaign ideas as they develop.

So thats all for now, more to follow "For the Greater Good".

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