Sunday, 7 April 2013

The Charybdis Campaign Background

There follows the background to a narrative Warhammer 40k campaign. The intention is for the campaign to involve 12 scenarios starting as skirmish and moving to full blown battles as my Tau army is painted, My enemy is none other than Colonel Corbane and the Corbanian first Imperial Guard, who will be duplicating this format with the Imperial perspective....

The setting for the campaign is Charadon Sector, nice n empty, bottom right of star map in 40k rulebook. The contested world is Corbania Minoris nicknamed "Charybdis" (a sea monster in greek mythology) not a water world but a world with large violent seas and several continents with lots of islands. Charybdis's 3rd moon has mineral deposits valued by the Tau and a "Sanctioned" Tau mining colony, as well as the secret Tau military enclave of Commander Faststrike, the moon has atmosphere but little life, its a dust ball.

First contact was orchestrated by a free trader who saw a survey of Charybdis's third moon and recognised a mineral his Tau trading contacts had asked him about, around 5 years ago he set up secret meetings between Charybdis's planetary governor which led to a Tau mining enclave secretly being established on the moon. Tau stealth technology was initially used to conceal teansports, but, as the profits spread and money flowed the circle of conspiritors grew and the Tau presence more obvious until 5 years later, un noticed by the administratum, Tau diplomats are based in Carybdis's capital, training cadres are working with and arming some PDF units, a Tau university has been set up and students sport Tau red dyed scalp locks and openly talk of leaving the imperium for the more enlightened Tau Empire, things are calm, money and tech flow as bribes and word of these herasies has not left Charybdis.

Word of a Guard deployment onto Charybdis to rest and refit reaches the governor, this causes concern especially when they arrive, not calmly but in a full scale invasion of Charybdis!

More to follow on the enigmatic Commander Faststrike.

For the Imperial perspective visit Col Corbanes blog at...

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