Sunday, 28 April 2013

Recorded Broadcast From Charybdis

Faststrikes Broadcast

+++Intercepted Vox Broadcast:
+++ScriptTime : 11.334.998.M41
+++Origin Unknown ? Xeno :
+++Teanscript From the Vox Log of Charybdis University Radio.

"To the Citizens and Soldiers of Corbania Minoris and The Brave soldiers of the Corbanian First, most especially to you, Colonel Corbane, greetings. You are known to me, your ways are known to me and your weapons are known to me. They are inferior in every way save one, the brave fighting spirit of your men. Now however the time has come to lay down your arms and embrace the kindred spirit of my firewarriors, in short to join the expansion of the Tau Empire as honoured Gau'vesa soldiers, to forge a new, fresh and energetic force in the universe and with the equipment and training my Cadres will provide, you will write the next Glorious chapter in your history.

Anyone wise enough to accept this offer should simply stand, hands in the air when you encounter my forces, with three fingers raised on each hand, vehicles should power down, open hatches and crew should also raise three fingers on each hand in this universal "High three" you will then be warmly welcomed, fed, treated for any wounds and introduced to your new training mentors.

This is a logical evolution in your society, it is inevitable so resistance illogical, join us brothers!

Shas'O Faststrike

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