Sunday, 7 April 2013

Commander Faststrike

Faststrike is a Tau Shas'O commander. Tau are known for their experimental weapons and armour, less well known their experiments with genetics. Faststrike is the result of such an experiment, implanted with captured Adeptus Astartes gene seed material in the womb he is unaware he is a guinnie pig and has submited to a battery of repeated physical and psychological tests all his life, he has accepted this without question.

Faststrikes military career has been monumental as he pulled off repeated impossible tasks against the odds, he believes this led to him receiving an Ethereal mentor as he is the next star in the Tau military universe, he believes he is chosen, invincible. His Ethereal mentor thinks otherwise, set to observe Faststrike and monitor the effects of gene spliced material supposed to increase decisiveness and combat aggression his opinion is that faststrike has suffered a schizoid embolism and shows traits of Paranoia, Mania, impulsiveness and very untaulike aggression.

Faststrikes Hunter Cadre, fiercly loyal to their Warlord, is moved to the quiet moon of Corbania Minoris III to train. Faststrike is annoyed at being "Snubbed" while the upstart Shadowsun leads the Tau expansion. He gets to work and plans op "Starstrike" a hypothetical response to imperial aggression on Charybdis.

Sadly his Ethereal mentor pens a report to the Council of Ethereals concluding the genesplice is a failure and that Faststrike should be Euthenised for the greater good.


Reports reach Faststrike of an imperial invasion of Charybdis, he strikes, fast.

Imperial tankers, munitions freighters and transports are shot down in orbit and kill teams drop on the pre selected targets of op starstrike, the governors palace, the university, numerous PDF barracks and armouries in the capital. His mentor follows with his own kill team but his orca is hit by unknown imperial forces on final approach and goes down in the countryside outside the capital.

Faststrike is in the damaged governors palace, smoke hangs over the city, reports from his assets come in describing heavy fighting not the planned populist rising, and theres worse, his beloved mentor has been shot down on his way to support Faststrikes brilliant assault.....

He orders his Hunter Cadre to comence Op Starstrike phase 2, full scale landings, he orders them to exersise maximum prejudice against all resistive Guela on Charybdis, for Commander faststrike there is only war.......

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